Dusting off the old tapes and clearing some space on my hard drive- BUFFALO: Untitled is back in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited! First things first, I started this project while attending University of Buffalo for film. The project wasn’t intended for a class or anything, it was just something I had a passion for and felt it should be documented. The city of Buffalo itself has an astonishing music scene and Buffalo: Untitled involves the DJ side of things.

Upon graduating came the harsh reality of not having my own equipment paired with a hellish 60+ hour work week. This project slowly slipped out of my reach and became forgotten. The time has finally come to rekindle the passion I once felt. I just bought a new camera and plan to start filming as soon as it arrives.

I’m still unsure about how I’ll be going about it. It’s either going to be a extended edit that includes people like, Mario Bee, Medison, Biacco, Bones, etc- or it’s going to a series of independent videos that focus the given individual. I’ll be posting more information once the filming starts. Cheers -MD


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