For those of you who do not recognize the name Hert, he’s a graffiti writer who was sentenced to  1 to 3 years in state penitentiary for writing in 2010. I was just informed that he might be getting released within the next few months. In lieu of the good news I’m dedicating this post to him. By also making this post I hope to spread awareness about the egregious penalty that comes with writing graffiti. Here’s a small passage from his zine, read the rest HERE. Also be sure to check out the video.


“For some, graffiti is an attempt to break the separation
between an impersonal urban landscape and the vibrancy of
life. It is a very literal assertion of the value of creativity
over the sanctity of property, a visual declaration of the
will to live.
Graffiti exposes this conflict and the conflict exposes
the writer. For when they write, they thrive in a truly
lived moment: one where joy extends beyond ones self and
creates an honest expression for us all to revel in. It is a
departure from the spectacle. a departure from the organization
of appearances that are simultaneously enticing,
deceptive, distracting and superficial. a departure from
our dead world.
The sincerity, dedication, and honesty in writing graffiti
can only be met with the utmost support and solidarity. To
break free from the separation of this world, we must meet
and drive head on into developing our relationships, understanding,
and support for rebels. We must destroy the
separations between us…”


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