Everyone in the NYC area NEEDS to come out, praise Satan, drink the blood of the beast, and lastly dance their pants of with our guys and gals @ Toats Orig.  Shit is about to get real SPOOKY!



Peep the facebook event here 666!!


MOOMBAHTON DANCE PARTY $2 COVERLATE on a the night of February 10th, 2011, under the light of a full moon a large group of occultists gathered in a deep forset set just outside of Yonkers, NY. Specific details were scant regarding the events of this night, what is known comes from sources that will only recant details but refuse any connection with the group of assumed satan worshipers. From what little details we can retrieve from these accounts the Inquirer has found that this ritual has been performed for years on end. Throngs of interested individuals converge on an unspecified location each…

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