MUSiC SHiT w/ Mario Be Ft. Opus Label

This week our inbox was blessed with the latest compilation from Opus Label, ‘a boutique music and fashion company’ based in Los Angeles , as explained to the Malt Disney blog by Opus label owner and co-founder Miguel Jimenez. The compilation, ‘Opus Label Two,’ set to release digitally July 10th features breezy cuts from The Whip , Gypsy and the Cat, and Metronomy. I sat down at a friends computer (while he was away at work), smoked a bowl, and prepared myself for the musical journey.

Below I choose a few songs from the compilation (after listening to the work a few times) and critique it… and that’s pretty much it.

Opus Label Two opens up with ‘Lonely, Lonely, Lonely,’ by Team Ghost. The track pulls listeners into an ambient vortex of colorful synths and splashy snares. I chose this tune because of the way it rolls in like an ethereal fog of sounds, and for some reason reminds me of the intro track to ‘Drive,’ (Chromatics, ‘Tick of the Clock’).

Metronomy’s ‘The Look’ is a dancey number that’ll get all the indie Cindy’s and their male counterparts onto dancefloors the rest of this summer. Playful harmonies and rhymes in falsetto reminiscent of Hot Chip are carried over thin percussion in the trio’s fun addition to the compilation.

‘Space In Between’ by Kristy Lee and Mike Ross is one of the slower jams on OLT, but holds the title of ‘track likely to be played with the moonroof open.’ You might even be lucky to catch this track at 4am at the disco if the DJ knows what he’s doing.

Opus Label Two is the ideal mid-summer playlist for music lovers, snobs, and skeptics. Tunes that conjure old feelings and old memories keep you satisfied while you dance your summer nights away.




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