Once again I’m sat in front of White Mike’s computer stoned and blaring music, which can only mean one thing; What better way than to contribute to the poop vortex that is the internet by typing up a mediocre at best music review for my friend’s blog?

Today’s selections come straight from the Brussels’ page’s Tropical playlist on I’m gunna choose a few songs from this week’s playlist and ‘experience’ them into words for yall. Simple.

My first selection comes from Resista with the song ‘Juju.’ The track conjures the soul of 70’s funk legends Parliament Funkadelic and, in an astonishing mating ritual, fuses syncopated drums dance under African rhythms under sneaky synth riffs. ‘Highlifesque’ guitars find their way into the mix, as do uplifting group chants which pulled me deeper into the center of this afroheat drumcircle. At 15 minutes in runtime, I expect to hear this at every pool party the rest of this summer. (learn more about afrobeat)

Next on the menu is ‘Cumbia alivianada,’ by Machuca Cumbia. This tune is a cumbia cover of the Bee Gee’s ‘Stayin’ Alive’ (rest in peace Robin Gibb.) Shakers greet the listener as this track revs up to the reverb of a large timbale drum that beats at the heart of this tune. Loose guitar strumming and concise picking reveal a wobbly tequila waltz interpretation of the Bee Gee’s original. Play this at dinner.

Until next time.


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